Directors of the Margarita Society

The Directors of the Huntsville Margarita Society reflect a cross-section of North Alabama’s business and professional community. Their bond is the simple desire to create a great party for their family and friends and, at the same time, foster a better Christmas for thousands of less fortunate children.

Andrew Agee

Tom Albright

Ken Alongi

Zach Atchley

Mike Banish

Gerry Bassett

Kevin Beebe

Blake Bentley

Blake Cantrell

 Chad Caudle

Bill Chapman

David Cripps

Tracy Doughty

 Jed Earls

Doug Gooch

Doug Gregory

 James Gregory III

Kyle Gurley

 Travis Howard

Hank Isenberg

Jacob Ives

George Jones

James Knaur

Steve Koslow

Jonathan McDowell

Daniel Miller

 Derek Newman

 Zach Page

Brandon Price

 Taylor Propst

Hank Rexing

Breck Robinson

Kyle Robinson

Matt Schuster

Alex Smith

 Marshall Sommers

Michael Spaulding

J.W. Weatherly

Jason Williams